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Ways to Repurpose an Artificial Christmas Tree

Updated: Jan 29, 2021

A few years ago I bought a pre-lit Christmas Tree from a garage sale. The top section was the only part with working lights, so I used the top as a mini Christmas tree and took an angle grinder (thanks hubby!) to the rest of it. Here's what the pieces looked like up close after they had been trimmed off the tree.

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I used the majority of the branches to make a garland to go around the front door to our house.

I attached the branches to the jute rope with zip ties and floral wire. I staggered them over each other and ran the zip ties and wire in between the strands of the jute rope so the branches would stay in place along the rope.

I cut individual pieces of floral wire and trimmed off the end of the zip ties with my wire cutter. Honestly, I could have just used one or the other,(zip ties or floral wire), but I wasn't sure which would last longer year after year, so I used both. I plan on using this garland every year from Christmas to spring!

I already had small nails in place around the door frame to hang Christmas lights on, so all I needed to do was use the floral wire to make loops to hang the garland on the nails.

I moved the led lights to the front of the garland. I don't like winter, so looking at pretty winter decor makes it better. Snow helps too.

Here are additional photos of ways I used the rest of the tree. Feel free to leave comments or questions!

This was the top of the tree. I drilled a 1" hole into the middle of a wood block and placed the tree top into it. Then I surrounded the block with polyester fill, cut a square yard of burlap fabric to place under and around the base, and tied it all together with a yard of decorative cord.

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