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Vintage Eco-friendly Kitchen Design Ideas

Updated: Aug 22

Does anyone else get annoyed with how quickly fashion goes out of fashion?

A while back I was watching an episode of the Property Brothers on HGTV, where they were helping a daughter remodel her parents "outdated" home, so she and her family could live in it.

The irksome thing was, the parents had remodeled it 15 years prior. They had spent a LOT of money putting in new tile, backsplashes, and granite countertops in the kitchen. It looked something like this.

So, there they were, Jonathan and Drew, having a grand ol' time, destroying the granite countertops with sledgehammers. It was painful. All because their clients "needed" a kitchen that looked like this one.

I couldn't help but wonder if in 15 more years, the homeowners would end up wanting to remodel again, because the once trendy kitchen would then be outdated. Would that require another renovator with a sledgehammer?

What if the hottest home trend was downdating instead of updating. Making our homes look amazing with timeless high-quality selections, vintage decor, and antiques.

The term slow fashion could be applied to our homes, not just our clothes.

I'm in love with the shade of blue in this modern take on a 1920's kitchen. So high end. Just look at that crown molding! Surely, no one will ever take a sledgehammer to this. The marble is timeless, and the pattern on this floor is reminiscent of 120 years ago. So beautiful.

A lot has changed since the turn of the century, however; a love for geometric tile, high-quality millwork, and tall ceilings remains.

Notice the similar pattern on the floor and how the kitchen cabinets go to the ceiling in this Victorian era photo.

Here's another old photo that shows a geometric style floor pattern, plus a classic farmhouse style porcelain sink that weighed in at over 150 pounds!

This set up is efficient, in that the cook can sit while cutting vegetables and doing dishes, rather than hunching over a sink in heels. I wish I had this in my kitchen, minus the radiator.

Here's an adorable, modern take on that same idea.

The charming sink skirt hides the pluming and maybe even the garbage can. Notice the marble counter tops and classic white cabinets; both will never go out of style.

Honestly, as charming as old porcelain sinks are, I would never want to have one again. They chip, scratch, and absorb stains way too easily. Stainless steel is the way to go, in my opinion.

Here's a low-cost, old-fashioned kitchen that could easily be attained with reclaimed wood and found materials.

It's not a high-end remodel; it's cozy and vintage though. Who can resist those classic gingham curtains? A stool could be used at kitchen sink, and then stored underneath when not in use. You don't need a dishwasher, or a bunch of dishes, if you always wash them right after you're done eating. Sometimes less is best.

Hopefully you were inspired by these kitchen photos. Just kidding about the twins.

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