• ginarreed

How To Make Home-Made Soup From Scratch (The Easy Way)!

Homestyle soup can be made with an butter, onions, and flour to start off with. Just like your great grandma used to make.

First heat up a couple tablespoons of oil of your choice over medium heat. Next stir in a half cup of chopped onions and cook until onions turn a golden color.

The oil / butter cooked together create the thickening agent for the soup.

Add a couple cups of water or broth. Add seasonings / bullion. As my mother in law used to say; you can always add to it but you can't take away, so sample as you go until it tastes right.

Now you can add frozen or canned vegetables and meats. Sometimes I add frozen southern style potatoes that I've defrosted in the microwave. This particular recipe was made with frozen broccoli, generic velveeta cheese, and milk.

Making old-fashioned soups from scratch is so easy when we have modern conveniences like freezers and canned foods from the grocery store. Your great-great grandma would be so jealous!

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