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My Idyllic Old-Fashioned, Brand-New Home

When I was a kid, I would daydream about my future home during the long church services I was required to sit through. It was going to be a huge Victorian gingerbread style home full of antiques. My husband and I would work outside trimming the hedges and painting all the scalloped trim work. It would be so much fun, and we would have horses.

Thirty years later, my daydreams have changed. I no longer dream of owning horses or an old Victorian house, and the only hedges I want are ones I don't have to trim.

Instead, I long to live in the country in an eco-friendly home, that's built to last, in the middle of several acres of pasture. Where I can develop the skills to go off-grid if that ever becomes necessary.

Here's a tour of the modern vintage farmhouse of my dreams:

It's a classic white two-story farmhouse with a gray metal roof. Any one of these would work.

It has a place for my grandma's secretary desk in one corner and her cedar chest is the coffee table.

The kitchen could be modern, yet old-fashioned.

Or it could be an old-fashioned kitchen with repurposed everything if the budget is tight.

Here's another low-cost repurposed kitchen option with modern appliances.

It has a cozy king size bed with a few antique decorations.

It also has a couple of log burning wood stoves.

It has a walk-in shower with a repurposed vanity/sink.

Or it could have a used clawfoot tub and a vanity repurposed into a bathroom sink.

The second-floor bedroom has a window overlooking the garden.

Our garden.

A view of the countryside.

Our pond.

The neighbor's tractor.

Our neighbor's cows.

Our neighbor's horses.

There will be beautiful views all around us every day. Our neighbors livestock will entertain us while we combine the new and the old together into a modern vintage life for all of us. That's the plan anyhow. Now I just need to convince my husband.

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