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How To Upcycle Closet Doors Into a Fireplace Screen

Updated: Aug 22

Here's what it looked like before.

I propped it up on a bench I had outside on my back porch.

Next, I used this board and a clamp to hold it down, so I could cut a straight line.

I used the clamped down board as my guide for the skill saw to help me cut a straight line.

I kept the two hinges on the upper part and took off the bottom hinge that was on the lower part.

Of course, I have to hang on to the extra hinge. Never know when it will come into use.

Here's my screw collection. I like to reuse them too.

I placed the upper part in the middle and tucked the individual bottom parts behind it.

Our fireplace is see-through from the bedroom to the living room.

Now we have some shabby-chic-style privacy!

Check out this other project I made out of bi-fold doors.

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