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Fastest Driftwood Inspired Furniture Makeover Ever!

Updated: Sep 10, 2022

This vintage side table, which had once been my grandparents, had been in my bathroom looking shabby for years; when I finally decided to make the time to redo it. Sure, I could have applied dark stain to the scratched off areas, and it would have improved it, but it wouldn't have matched the rest of my white, beach themed bathroom. When it comes to these older Spanish style pieces from the 60's and 70's I've found it's better to use spray paint in order to quickly get into all the nooks and crannies. So much faster! So here are the steps I took.


  1. I spray painted the whole thing with white spray paint.

2. I used beige latex wall paint, and dipped a craft paint brush only slightly (less than 1/8 of an inch) into the paint

3. Then I painted entire piece with light brush strokes, so the white still showed through.

I left the handles on, but I could have easily taken them off and spray painted them with a flat black or oiled bronze spray paint. Who knows, I might do that later. That's the beauty of painting something; you can always go back later and repaint it!

Also, if you're wondering what's going on with the top, that's slate. Some of these tables you see at the thrift store have marble tops that aren't attached, so it's easy to take them out and paint the furniture, then replace them when your done painting. They're great because you don't have to use coasters and it takes a lot to scratch them.

Hope you enjoyed!

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