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Easy DIY, No Sew, Bed Skirt Dust Ruffle

I've gone through several bed skirts because the dog we inherited likes to hike his leg on them. Now I've outsmarted the little bastard, sort of....

All I did was rip old white sheets to a width of 24" inches by a length of six feet. I made three large strips with those dimensions.

Two for the sides and one for the bottom of the bed. I tuck them in a couple of inches between the mattress and the box spring. Then adjust till it's even all the way across. I could use safety

pins to attach it to the box spring, but I haven't done that yet.

I think ripping it gives it a cool, vintagey-rustic look. Plus, IT'S SO EASY!!!!

I love only having to pull the sides off and throw in the wash. So there you have it; a cheap and easy bed skirt/dust ruffle hack, you can make in a few minutes, out of a repurposed sheet.

He's adorable and cuddly. All is forgiven 💗

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