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How To Make A Closet For Cheap In One Day

Updated: Sep 10, 2022

Sometimes older homes will have a bedroom with no closet. When this happens, it can't be counted as a bedroom on an appraisal, and that lowers the value of the home. So I decided to make a closet out of repurposed doors from the Habitat for Humanity ReStore. Here's what I did.

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This is the view from the back. The perimeter of these hollow core doors has a wooden frame to support the door and that is what I screwed the 2" x 4" into after I used a chop saw to cut them down to the width of the door. I used a 1" wide dowel rod for the clothing rod and drilled 1" holes into the 2'' x 4"s to support the clothing rod.

When I attached the louvered bi-fold door to the hollow core doors, I first used a shim out of a piece of scrap wood to lift it up to the correct height, so it wouldn't drag on the floor when being opened and closed. Then I screwed the hinge on the bi-fold doors to the inside frame of the hollow core door. I filled in the places where the hinges were on the hollow core doors with wood filler and then later sanded it down for a smooth finish and painted the edges white to match.

This is the point where I moved my closet out of the garage and into the room that needed the closet. The first thing I did was cover the inside of the closet with some removeable wallpaper, so the holes where the door knobs had been, would be covered up. Then I added additional 2" x 4"s, so I could screw the frame of the closet into the wall, thus turning it into a real closet in the eyes of the appraiser.

I added beadboard wall paper to the outside of the closet to cover up the door knob hole on the outside.

Then I was done. Not too bad I thought. Since the ceiling was low in this room I just left the small gap at the top. If the ceiling would have been taller, I would have added wood across the top and painted it white so it would have blended in. I could have painted the 2" x 4"s a dark grey color and that would have looked nice. I could have added a small piece of white trim around the top of the closet, but I was in a hurry so, I didn't do those things.

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