About Me

Hi, I'm Gina. I thought I should finally introduce myself. I'm a bit shy, so that's why it's taken me over a year to finally write this.

I'm old fashioned AND I love modern conveniences. Everywhere we look, everyone is building on the past, and the past fascinates me. I admire and I'm grateful for the wonderful people who contributed, in a positive way, to our world.

I'm a patriotic (not political) tree hugging, peace loving, hippy type without the tattoos and the flowing skirt. (At least I drive a Prius.) I love my country and want everyone to get along, help each other, and better our environment.

As far as family goes I have: a precious 12 year old daughter with my handsome husband of 19 years, two adorable dogs, and four fascinating pet mice.

My favorite things to do are: traveling, watching funny shows with "the fam", being in nature, and snuggling with my "puppies". I also get my thrills from being thrifty, creating things for our home, and using alliteration.

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