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17 Adorable Ways to Reuse Iced Coffee Bottles

Updated: Jan 18

Mass produced glass bottles with lids have been around since the late 1800s. At this time, factories opened near areas that had a large amount of sand that could be melted into glass.

Now, over one hundred and fifty years later, glass jars are still the go-to container for our most treasured products.

Glass is amazing. It contains no chemicals that can leach into food due to it being nonporous and impermeable. It can be safely washed at high temperatures and has almost a zero rate of chemical interactions, which ensures the products inside a glass bottle keep their flavor, strength and aroma. It's no wonder we use it to contain so many different things.

Most experts agree that glass is better for the environment than plastic because glass is completely recyclable whereas plastic can only be downcycled, meaning it becomes an item of lesser quality. It will never be the same item again. It's also important to note that plastic releases toxic chemicals into their surrounding environment as they break down, unlike glass.

The most eco-friendly thing we can do with glass bottles is reuse them (this takes zero carbon emissions), so here are 17 amazing ways to do that!

Eco-friendly Vase

You can keep an eye on the water level and see if any roots form.

Spice Jars

Utensil Holder - Knick of Time

Chalky Finish Milk Jars - Modern Mom Life

Milk Jar Wall Decor - Hometalk

DIY Etched Glass Vase - Pretty Handy Girl

Christmas Stocking Stuffers - Southern Scraps

Waterless Snow Globe

Reindeer Milk Bottle - Thirty Days

Sugar Scrub - The Idea Room

Valentine Treat Bottle

- Clover House

Sea Glass Bottles - Finding Silver Pennies

Ocean Terrarium

Mini Milk Bottle Vases - Factory Direct Craft

DIY Ombre Milk Glass Vases - The Crafted Life

Pour Paint Vases - Mom Crafters

Striped Glass Vases - Pottery Barn Teens

This is the Aldi brand for iced coffee. The label peels off easily with no sticky residue to contend with.

At $2 a bottle, a great tasting drink, and an easy to peel off label it's a triple win.

These glitter stickers are from the Dollar Tree.

The sticker perfectly covers up the "Barissimo" on top. Too bad Starbucks bottles aren't this easy to repurpose.

Another great one to try is the Yahoo bottle. It's only a $1.25 at the Dollar Tree. And the label peels right off with no sticky residue 🤗

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